timbre – Tailored Improvement of Brownfield Regeneration in Europe

Brownfield regeneration is essential for sustainable land management in European Member States. Major areas previously used for military, mining, industrial or commercial purposes are frequently beset by high levels of complex contamination. Regarded as being problematic, many have become brownfields, impeding the development of surrounding communities. Brownfields threaten scarce soil and water resources and cause environmental and health risks as well as economic and social costs.

Many useful and innovative technologies for site clean-up as well as methods to support decision making processes exist - a lot of them have been developed in previous European funded research projects -, but often they are only rarely applied using their entire potential. Sometimes the non-visibility of tools is the reason that problem owners, managers, local authorities and other stakeholders do not regenerate brownfields using the best available technology and decision support systems measure.

However, a large number of megasites can be sustainably revitalised if efficient technologies are applied, potential re-use options are assessed holistically and if relevant risks are quantified. The European research project timbre in the EU 7th Framework Programme aims to support end-users in overcoming existing barriers by developing and providing customised problem- and target-oriented packages of technologies, approaches and management tools for a megasite’s reuse planning and remediation.

Timbre will endorse tailored megasite regeneration by providing updated information on state of the art technologies and tools. As a unique asset, Timbre will deliberately include the cultural and administrative characteristics and their regionally distinctive features. The project will enhance integrated assessments of regeneration options for particular sites and facilitate contaminated sites portfolio management by setting the right priorities. Moreover, the provision of user needs via targeted training and dissemination courses is a cornerstone of the project.

Illustration of TIMBRE vision / concept
Illustration of TIMBRE vision / concept