Work Package 3: Success metrics and prioritization tool

Building on the more locally and site specific focus of WP 2, WP 3 will deliver a multi-criteria comparative analyses via quantitative (statistical correlation analyses, questionnaire surveys) as well as further expert interviews to verify the analysis of WP 2 by comparing findings from additional research sites in other Western and Central European countries.

The aim is to assess the main characteristics of the processes of brownfield regeneration such as the main attributes and characteristics of the site/location (history, previous land-use, etc.), the process of planning and decision making (objectives of reconstruction, mediation activities, financing), and the assessment of real and perceived positive and negative impacts and consequences of projects.

These results will also be used to test the validity and relevance of different models applied to the phenomenon of brownfields regeneration, e.g. the so-called new urbanism theory, theory of social/ environmental justice, theory of creative class, place branding,  concepts of the lifestyle centres.

Contact: Petr Klusáček