Work Package 2: Decision structures and local culture: Investigation of administrative possibilities and site specific attitudes of stakeholders

Strategies for brownfield regeneration can differ greatly between regions. A better understanding of specific cultural contexts, regional political instruments and problem perceptions by local decision makers are crucial for an economically feasible and technically useful application of technologies, strategies and tools.

This work package is focused on the identification and the evaluation of site specific and the culturally rooted practices of stakeholders involved in the revitalisation of contaminated land in order to deliver some guidance on how to use existing technologies, methods and tools more efficiently.

Focussing on concrete sites in Romania, the Czech Republic, and Poland (see WP 4) a major goal of this WP is to develop a framework for analysing decision structures in brownfield revitalization as well as for the identification of hindrances and unused potential of technologies and tools. In order to deliver in-depth knowledge on the cultural foundations of dealing with contamination, the Romanian test sites will be investigated via the focus group method. By so doing, this work package shall deliver bottom-up social information for WP 3 and WP 6, and will also serve as a general information platform for all technology and tool developments in the project.

Contact: Alena Bleicher and Filip Alexandrescu