Get involved

Timbre is not a closed scientists club. The project is intended to benefit a variety of stakeholders involved in or affected by the planning, assessment and management of a Megasite’s revitalisation. Therefore, we ask you to get involved!

We do highly appreciate your interest and involvement, commends and support in the further development, application and dissemination of approaches, tools and technologies for a more sustainable and efficient Megasite regeneration.

There are lots of opportunities you can get involved with the timbre project! Please click on the below links to find out more about them...

timbre events and trainings – A series of workshops and dissemination events are open for practitioners and researchers beyond the boundaries of timbre. These events include training activities for practitioners and researchers at all levels to contribute to the emergence of the timbre tool suite platform. timbre events are your priority opportunity to meet timbre partners in person.

E-mail List and Twitter - Want to get on our mailing list for events? Sign in to our email list. Stay up-dated on timbre activities by following us on twitter.

Collaborations – Learn more about companies, projects and institutions that are collaborating with timbre and their reasons for doing so.

Share experiences and opinions – Here you can share with all visitors of this website your experiences and opinions regarding a Megasite’s regeneration.