State France
Regional (NUTS III) hierarchical level Île-de-France region
District level (LAU1) Nanterre district
Municipality (LAU2) Villeneuve-la-Garenne
Connection to traffic network Closeness to the A86 highway

Main factors of successful redevelopment process

  • general localization (capital of France)
  • specific localization (inner city)
  • transport links (excellent connection to the highway – A1, A86)
  • price of the land/property (favourable conditions from GMC company)
  • complete decontamination after strict condition of former owner GMC
  • the size/extent of the brownfield area (large brownfield site suitable for logistics center)

Brief description of site and current use

In this case, the site is located strategically next to the huge highway A86, close to Paris capital. The area used to belong to GMC after signing the agreement the BROWNFIELD INGENIERIE SAS became owner. The first contract for this project was signed in 2008 after GMC decided to move required strict decontamination of the area.  After the demolition of the buildings (warehouses) and strict decontamination the site was successfully converted into use for industrial and tertiary activities. The companies which signed the new contract with BROWFIELD INGENIERIE SAS are still moving in.

Original use – basic description

Original use Industrial  (General Motors company)
Area 2,5 ha
Type of site Industrial site

Current state – basic description

Current use Postal depot (sorting of mail for the post office)
% of built-up area Less than 95 %
State of Environment After complete decontamination
New use from 2011
Total costs Approx. 30 mil. Euro
Owner of site GMC company

Contact to stakeholders

Local public administration Mayor of Villeneuve-la-Garenne:
Alain-Bernard BOULANGER
Investors participating at redevelopment BROWNFIELDS INGENIERIE SAS
NGOs No data