Vestas Wind Systems


State Denmark
Regional (NUTS III) hierarchical level Region Sjælland
District level (LAU1) Lolland municipality
Municipality (LAU2) Nakskov
Connection to traffic network fast way number 9

Main factors of successful redevelopment process

  • general localization (localization on the coast)
  • specific localization (inner centre)
  • transport links (good connection to the center of Nakskov and Lolland municipality, fast way number 9)
  • the size/extent of the brownfield area (one of the largest contaminated area  in Denmark, one of the largest brownfields in the Sjælland region)
  • ecological burden (decontamination of the former Nakskov´ s shipyard)
  • social status of the locality (high unemployment rate)

Brief description of site and current use

The place is located at the border of the town Nakskov and is good connected to the city. The Nakskov´s shipyard was founded in 1916. The harbour employed many people around 2000. The problems started in 1970 when the harbour had to laid 800 of their 1900 employees. In 1986 the shipyard closed down its production.  After that unemployement rates in Nakskov and westernpart of Lolland rises to more than 25%. Lolland becomes one of the poorest regions in Denmark. A restricted committee counting the Mayor, the Chief Executive and a few civil servants from the technical area started searching for enterprises in need of adequate harbour capacity. The first contract was made with Vestas Wind System. The town had to clean up all the place for the possibility of the new using. This costed around 50 millions of DKK. The site has a total of 1.2 million square meters, of which 700,000 square meters are destined for new industry and a further 2 million square meters are designated as agro-industrial areas The Vestas Wind Sistem builded their factory in 1999 and provided lot of new  worker places. The total area of Vesta Wind System is around of 20% of total redeveloped area after shipyard. The cost of the factory is around 100mil. Eur.

Original use – basic description

Original use Transportation Nakskov's shipyard
Area 115 ha
Type of site Transportation site (old shipyard harbour)

Current state – basic description

Current use Industrial and Environmental Park ( Vestas Wind System)
% of built-up area 20%
State of Environment Complete decontamination
New use from 1999
Total costs 100 million Euro
Owner of site Municipality of Lolland, Vesta Blade

Contact to stakeholders

Owner of site Municipality of Lolland, Vesta Blade
Local public administration Municipality of Lolland
Investors participating at redevelopment

Danish Government

Regional Government

European Union
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