Definition of Brownfields in the Slovak republic

Brownfields as a term is not very often use. The term brownfields is usually used on academic or architect level. The definition is usually similar to the CABERNET brownfields definition, but is not a part of legislation.

Official state institution which uses the term brownfields is The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) which is a government-funded allowance organization that works under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic. From 2008 they maintain a brownfields database (they focus on an area which can be offered to investors). In 2012 the database contained less then 500 areas. But the database is not open and is not on a public website.

Cities or towns which try to change the situation of brownfields site usually not use term brownfield but use ”hnedá zóna" (translation: brown zone) or "hnedy areál" ( translation: brown areal). Usually the focus is on the big former industrial areas.

The open database which focuses on areas with expected contamination can be found here: