Polyfunctional Complex Cassovar


Regional hierarchical level
Košice region
District level Košice I
Connection to traffic network Highway D1 (from Bratislava to Záhor) and motorway R4

Main factors of successful redevelopment process

  • General localization – located in Košice – the second largest city in Slovakia and the centre of Košice Region
  • Specific localization – in proximity of the city centre
  • Transport links –   Highway D1 (from Bratislava to Záhor) and motorway R4

Brief description of site and current use

Brewery in Košice was founded already in 1857 and was closed in 1998. The regeneration process was started in 2006. The first stage of redevelopment was demolition and in other stage construction of buildings. Only chimney of the former brewery was preserved as symbol of the previous industrial era. In this new urban complex, there are 91 suites, stores, services, relax centre, cafés, restaurants and historical tavern.

Original use – basic description

Original use Brewery – production of Cassovar beer on Žrieldová Street
Area 2,4 ha
Type of site Industrial

Current state – basic description

Current use Polyfunctional complex – shops, housing, offices
% of built-up area 50%
State of environment There are no problems with environment, decontamination wasn’t necessary
New use from 2010
Total costs 75 000 000 EU
Owner of site
Global Group a.s.

Contact to stakeholders

Owner of site Global group a. s.
Local Public administration Mayor of Košice
MUDr. Richard Raši, PhD., MPH
sekretariatprimatora @ kosice.sk
Investors participating at redevelopment Global Group a.s.
NGOs Not found