Park Spoor Noord Antwerp


State Belgium
Regional (NUTS III) hierarchical level Arrodissement of Antwerp
District level (LAU1) District of Antwerp
Municipality (LAU2) Antwerp
Connection to traffic network A12 highway, Belgian Railways-North station

Main factors of successful redevelopment process

  • general localization (localization close to the border with the Netherlands, localization on the coast)
  • specific localization (city centre)
  • transport links (next to the important railways station - Station Antwerpen-Dam‎ and closeness  to A12 hig‎hway)
  • attractiveness of the site and objects (part of the historic centre, the old-looking building)
  • availability of financial incentives (25milions Euros form European funds)
  • social status of the locality (unemployment and social deprivation, surroundings with high population density
  • place marketing (developing strategies to deal with big infrastructure projects)

Brief description of site and current use

The city of Antwerp has a diverse character. It is known for its internationally important harbour and petrochemical facilities, as well as being a centre for the diamond trade. At the same time the city includes a great amount of underused industrial and harbour space, as well as high density residential areas and little public green space. Spoor Noord and the surrounding districts are similar: they have a high population density and problems of social deprivation and isolation. One of the biggest challenges in Spoor Noord is the integration of migrants into the resident community. In addition, the area is characterised by a chaotic traffic situation. There is a lot of rat-run traffic (the most important junction, De Schijnpoort, forms an important barrier for smooth traffic flow from and to the city) and public transport services are poor. In addition, the districts have an undersupply of green areas and public open spaces, and few sport, recreation and cultural facilities.

The aim of the municipality is to attract investment in residential and commercial land, and generate public support for the on-going regeneration process. In this situation the great advantage of Spoor Noord is the amount of open land available for public use. According to a survey of local residents, green and open areas, space and light were identified as the main priorities of the regeneration process. The urban landscape park project in the heart of Spoor Noord is intended as a catalyst for new development. It will help to create a new urban structure, bringing the air back into the densely developed north of the city. The park is the starting point for a wider regeneration process.

Original use – basic description

Original use Transportation (old railways yard)
Area 24 ha
Type of site Transportation site

Current state – basic description

Current use Residential area, Sports centre, Park
% of built-up area 40%
State of Environment Cleaned by Belgian Railways
New use from 2011
Total costs 38 000 000 €
Owner of site City of Antwerp

Contact to stakeholders

Owner of site City of Antwerp
M. Koen Derkinderen, Spoor Noord business leader, Desguinlei 33, 2018 Antwerp - Phone: +32 (0)3 338.51.97
Local public administration Mayor of Antwerp
Patrick Janssens
Investors participating at redevelopment AG Stadsplanning Antwerpen
Park Spoor before redevelopment