Redevelopment of mega sites in Europe – management tools workshop

Redevelopment of mega sites in Europe – management tools workshop, 28th May 2014, Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas, Katowice.

Registration up to 16th May 2014.

Workshop will include theoretical and practical aspects of mega-sites redevelopment.   

Representatives from the University of Foscari, Venice from Italy, Institute of Geonics,  Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas from Poland will present tools for management of degraded areas: prioritisation of degraded areas, information system for Brownfield Regeneration  and planning tool for redevelopment of degraded areas towards new functions. 

How to improve the efficiency of the redevelopment of mega-sites? We invite representatives of institutions which are engaged in revitalisation of degraded areas to know the  possibilities of the use of innovative tools supporting the process of remediation and management of these areas.

Participation in the workshop is FREE, registration until the 16th May 2014.

Here you can get the agenda of the workshop with the registration form.

For additional information please contact Beata Michaliszyn, e-mail: or phone +48 32 254 60 31 ext. 284 and 140.