Second workshop at ECOSID Hunedoara

Following up on the successful 2011 local stakeholder event in Hunedoara, the project TIMBRE was glad to invite again to Romania to a Demonstration and Training Event

"ECOSID – Contamination level, socio-economic framework, remediation pilot tests".

The event was in Romanian language. TIMBRE invited experts and representatives of all institutions & companies interested or involved in the re-development of brownfields and former industrial sites to this workshop.

Especially, we invited representatives from investigation & remediation consultants and service providers as well as public authorities and members of academia in the broader region of Hunedoara and Deva, Western Romania, interested in assessing the state-of-the-art technologies and approaches for brownfield characterization and remediation.

Participants in the event have had the opportunity to directly assess different innovative assessment and investigation techniques in terms of their capabilities and cost efficiency and to gather a live experience related to the soil washing technology developed at the Timbre test site in Hunedoara.

The event toke place on 16th and 17th of September 2013 at the Hotel “RUSCA", Hunedoara, B-dul Dacia nr. 10, cod Postal 331086, tel. +40 254 717 575;  +40 254 749 254; e-mail:

The first Timbre workshop in Hunedoara was organized in October 2011, in the first year of the project, and was aimed at a broad and diverse group of stakeholders. Over the last two years, Timbre researchers have made significant advancements in exploring the Ecosid site, both with regard to the level and distribution of contaminants and to the understanding of the social and cultural aspects involved in the regeneration of the site. The second workshop was thus devoted to an expert discussion of the results of the investigations carried out in Hunedoara (the presentations are available online here). Among the participants were representatives of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, of the Romanian environmental protection agency (both from the national and from the regional level) as well as representatives of five public and private companies involved in decontamination in Romania. The representatives of the site owner – Ecosid Ltd. – were also present and participated actively in the discussions.

One of the technologies tested and improved within the Timbre project – namely the Soil-flushing and fluids reuse – was analyzed during the workshop in terms of its efficiency, and of its economic and environmental aspects. In addition, Prof. Nicolas Fatin – Rouge offered an extended pilot test on the soil-flushing technology directly on the Ecosid site on the second day of the workshop.

Staying true to its mission of developing tailored tools and technologies for regeneration, all presentations aimed to provide useable and tailored information for the Ecosid stakeholders. At the end of the workshop, the participants conveyed their feed-back on the presented tools and technologies by means of a questionnaire.