State Denmark
Regional (NUTS III) hierarchical level Region Hovestaden
District level (LAU1) Copenhagen City
Municipality (LAU2) Copenhagen
Connection to traffic network Connection to the highway E20

Main factors of successful redevelopment process

  • general localization (capital of Denmark)
  • specific localization (inner city)
  • attractiveness of the site and objects (the building preserved as a symbol of industrial past of the Copenhagen)
  • the size of the brownfield area (one of the largest brownfields in Copenhagen)
  • social status of the locality (area where was needed newly developed housing, redevelopment to modern standards)
  • attractiveness of the site and objects (area provides access to open green space and water fronts)
  • transport links (excellent connection to the centre of town Copenhagen)
  • ecological burden (all area decontaminated from mercury, hexane, oil and nickel)

Brief description of site and current use

The former Oil mill and vegetable oil refinery DSI (Dansk Sojakagefabrik) was established in 1909 by EAC (The East Asiatic Company) as an oil mill and vegetable oil refinery. In the 30’s factory started also with chemical products like chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen. For the dissatisfactory results during the 1980s, it was decided to stop the production, and the plant was closed in 1991.  From 1991 to 1994 a detailed survey of the site was made. It showed that the area was contaminated. Soil in the area was contaminated by mercury and other parts from hexane, oil and nickel. DSI (Dansk Sojakagefabrik) with the Municipality of Copenhagen worked out a plan of restoring the area. The vision of the plan was to create new attractive neighbourhood consisting of 220.000 m2.  Plan was to build large recreational area. Percentage of the built up area is formed by 50 % with houses. Also new bridge for pedestrians and bicyclists was build to link the Havnestad to the City on the other bank. Area provides access to open green space, water fronts, high-quality housing and public realm and physical recreation opportunities. The master plan also includes a green belt, linking the area to an adjacent natural park, and a water basin, linking the area to the water front. Currently the project is going to be completely done in about 2 years. Total costs of the project suppose to be around 225 million DKK.

Original use – basic description

Original use Industrial (oil mill and vegetable oil refinery)
Area 15 ha
Type of site Industrial site

Current state – basic description

Current use Industrial and Environmental Park of factory  EAC
% of built-up area 100%
State of Environment Decontaminated from mercury, hexane, oil and nickel
New use from 2003
Total costs 225 million DKK
Owner of site Municipality of Copenhagen

Contact to stakeholders

Owner of site Municipality of Copenhagen, DSI (Dansk Sojakagefabrik)
Local public administration No data
Investors participating at redevelopment

Danish Government
Regional Government
Municipality of  Copenhagen

Ms. Michaela Brüel
architect, Planning & Architecture
(mib@btf.kk.dk, tel. +45 3366 1241)

Dsi - Dansk Skibs- og
Industrimontage ApS, HJØRRING, Denmark
Telephone: +45 (0) 9863 3276