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A continuous challenge for interdisciplinary research and work in practice is the usage of a common language and terminology. The TIMBRE project after discussions agreed with support of its Advisory Board on a set of definition, which are used as far as possible throughout the projects deliverables and dissemination materials (starting however only as of September 2013) as a consistent terminology.

Please note: The intention of this glossary is to serve stakeholders and end-users of the TIMBRE products - by being attached in a suitable format to disseminations and as glossary on the Timbre website. This had the implications of using a rather general the specific language on the one hand, and on the other hand this was also to mean, that TIMBRE does not intend to set or replace any legal or regulatory standards.

We would like to invite you as stakeholder, to discuss terms with us. We would appreciated to collect your feedback with regard to the terms, in particular if you have revisions and additions to suggest, but also, if you feel certain terms are not really needed. If you feel certain terms can be better defined by referring to existing standards, then please feel invited to advice. Please use our contact form to get in touch or email us directly at or share your experiences and opinions publicly on this website.