Timbre's offical project results are the Deliverables. In the following, you can download the public deliverables produced in the project:

TIMBRE project deliverables
Working Package Deliverable name
WP 1 Information System

PDF DownloadD1.1: Web database with a structured site related inventory of European brownfield information and data

PDF DownloadD1.2: TIMBRE Expert System prioritisation methodology and preliminary identification of methodological and technological gaps

DPDF Download1.3: TIMBRE Information System for Brownfield Regeneration 

WP 2 Local culture & governance

PDF Download D2.1: Report on regional decision structures and key actors

D2.2: Present country and state level characteristics PDF Download

WP 3 Prioritisation

PDF DownloadD3.1: Report on results of survey on brownfield regeneration and statistical analysis... 

PDF Download D3.2: Prioritization Tool and Manual


PDF Download D3.3: Prioritization Tool; Results of demonstration studies and outreach material 

WP 4 Investigation & remediation

D4.1_brief: Public briefing on Timbre project’s test sites’ PDF Downloadknowledge status (database and site model) as a result of integrated site investigation techniques (based on Deliverable D4.1)

D4.2: Guideline for application of Tree PDF DownloadCoring as an initial screening tool for typical pollutants in the subsurface

D4.3: Feasibility of phytoremediation PDF Downloadof common soil and groundwater pollutants

PDF DownloadD4.4: Feasibility of specific soil washing with recycled solutions (SSWRS) for the removal of selected metals and organic compounds from contaminated soil and mathematical model to assess pollutant transfer by SSWRS

D 4.5 Comparative study of sitePDF Download investigation approaches and potential in situ remediation techniques: model-assisted evaluation of advantages and uncertainties

WP 5 Deconstruction & re-use of building rubble

PDF DownloadD5.1: Report on recent practice and regulations concerning re-use and deconstruction of buildings in the EU


D5.2: Cost- and environmentaPDF Downloadlly friendly strategies to recycle building rubble, relevant factors for estimation of costs and assessment of re-use or deconstruction of buildings

D5.3: PDF DownloadPrediction and minimization of emissions during de-construction measures - Technical Guideline -

D5.4: Occupational health and safety during the deconstruction of buildings and structures - Technical Guideline -

WP 6 Integrated web-based planning & assessment tool

D6.1: Development of a customisable open-source PDF Download web based tool for the integrated evaluation of brownfield redevelopment options

D6.2: Guideline and example for add-ons to the web-based toolPDF Download

WP 7 Dissemination & toolsuite platform

PDF DownloadD7.1: 1st Report on TIMBRE event organisation

PDF DownloadD7.2: 1st Report on TIMBRE end-user publications

D7.3: 2nd Report on TIMBRE event organisationPDF Download

PDF DownloadD7.4: 2nd Report on TIMBRE end-user publications

D7.6: 3rd Report on TIMBRE event organisationPDF Download

PDF DownloadD7.7: 3rd Report on TIMBRE end-user publications

WP 8 Project management There are no public Deliverables foreseen.