State Romania
Regional (NUTS III) hierarchical level Dolj
District level (LAU1) Dolj County
Municipality (LAU2) Craiova
Connection to traffic network In proximity of E547 and 6km from city centre,  direct access to Craiova International Airport-1km, to two ferries over the river Danube, rail facilities by Craiova Station

Main factors of successful redevelopment process

  • General localization – located in  Craiova
  • Specific localization -  6k m from city centre
  • Transport links -  In proximity of E547,  direct access to Craiova International Airport

Brief description of site and current use

It is a brownfield of assisted redevelopment type in Craiova. It was developed in2006 on the ruins of the former aircraft construction enterprise, in proximity of Ford factory. Nowadays, each building is used by small or medium enterprise now, particularly, a textile factory is in the building where the warehouse of aircraft construction used to be. But the main aim is to attract companies who will cooperate with Ford. Business Park represents a business infrastructure that is offered by Dolj County to the interested companies, infrastructure managed by an administrator company whose major shareholder is Dolj County.

Targeted industries operating in area is automotive and food industry, IT, textile, household goods, communications, services, technological innovations and scientific research. The Park has its own interior road infrastructure and has the means to supply all parcels made available to tenants with all necessary industrial facilities (electricity, gas, sewer, waste management, intranet, etc).

Metropolitan area ensures also many facilities such as the transport at the airport, rail station, highways, multi-skilled personal within whole area, services such as technical support, healthcare, accommodation, sport, internet access, water supply, power, gas supply, assistance, logistics, and investment etc. Thanks to the area unemployment in region decreased, it cooperate with vocational education system Craiova, less developed activities can be supported here, regional natural resources might be fully and effectively used (industrial and agricultural raw materials, textiles etc.)

Original use – basic description

Original use Plane  construction warehouses
Area 18.3 ha
Type of site Is located in the Craiova East Industrial Platform, in proximity of  E547 and 6 km from city centre

Current state – basic description

Current use Business metropolitan area  for different type of companies from automotive industry to leisure activities
% of built-up area 100%
State of Environment After complete decontamination
New use from 2006
Total costs 17 million euro
Owner of site Dolj Couty, Ghercesti, Pielesti, Carcea, Cosoveni

Contact to stakeholders

Owner of site Dolj Couty, Ghercesti, Pielesti, Carcea, Cosoveni
Local public administration

General Manager

Ing. Nicoli Marin

Investors participating at redevelopment

S.C.Cristim 2 Prodcom S.R.L

S.C.Rmtelecom S.A.(Romania)

Sormin Impex S.R.L.

Helins Trading S.R.L.