Brownfield regeneration or revitalization

These terms will be used interchangeably as both refer to the "genesis" or "coming back to life" of a brownfield. Regeneration or revitalization involves the process of turning around deprived communities and lands in decaying neighbourhoods (Brown, 2003). It consists of two specific processes: one is the decontamination or remediation of a specific site and the other is the social, economic or cultural redevelopment of the site in view of future uses. The remediation consists, broadly speaking, of an investigation and a remediation stage, which can also occur at the same time. The remediation of contaminated sites includes those actions aimed at the removal, control, containment or reduction of contaminants or exposure pathways so that the site, taking account of its current use or approved future use, no longer poses a significant risk to human health or the environment. Remediation actions may involve monitored natural recovery. Redevelopment involves bringing a site to a condition where it can be reused, which means  buildings ready to be occupied as well as infrastructure and services ready to be used.