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In close collaboration with the GLOCOM Project - Work Package 3 – Risk Management of Contaminated Land - , TIMBRE hold a Training session on

“Tools for brownfield regeneration”

which took place in the Beijing Normal University, Institute of Environment on 27th September 2012.

The seminar was given by Dr. Elisa Giubilato (University Ca’ Foscari Venice).

The seminar addressed the rationale for an Expert System to support decision making relevant to brownfield regeneration. Introduction to the architecture of a web-based information platform being developed by Ca’ Foscari University of Venice in the framework of the Timbre project. Among others, the platform will provide access to information on: planning (legal info, regulations, agencies); investigation; risk assessment; remediation options and technologies; requalification planning; funding; communication.


  1. Introduction: brownfield management in Europe
  2. EU project “Timbre” (Tailored Improvement of Brownfield Regeneration in Europe): objectives and tasks
  3. Timbre Work Package 1: development of the Timbre Expert System
  4. Demonstration of the on-line “Timbre Web Database” containing documents/manuals/regulations for supporting stakeholders in brownfield redevelopment
  5. Time for questions and discussion

Detailed information about the Expert System can be found by following this link.