Archives of the City of Brno


State The Czech republic
Regional (NUTS III) hierarchical level South- Moravian region
District level (LAU1) Brno- city
Municipality (LAU2) Brno
Connection to traffic network

Connection with the airport (8,5km/ 15min), highway D1 (32,4km/ 25min) and the city center (4 km/ 10 min). It is easily accessible by public transport. From the stop Životského, from which there is straight connection by tram number 9 to city centre, it is 10 minutes walk to the archives. Close to railway, 5 minutes walk to Brno-Černovice train station.

Main factors of successful redevelopment process

  • General localization – located in Brno (second largest municipality in the Czech Republic)
  • Specific localization – located only about 4 km from the city centre
  • Transport links – in proximity 32,4 km to D1 highway, 8,5km to airport Brno-Tuřany
  • Property relations- In the administration of Archives of the City of Brno, owned by City of Brno

Brief description of site and current use

History of this site goes back to 1913 when it was used as substation for transforming electric current from the Oslavany power station. This use it had until 1959. From the 1960’s this site served as warehouse until 1993 when the building started being operated by Archives of the City of Brno. From 1950’s were all reserves of city archives used up so this place was supposed to provide the necessary space for the documents and enough reserves for upcoming years. In 1998 the city council took the final decision to reconstruct this site. In 2000 building permit was issued and 2001 construction started. After one year Archives of City of Brno were open in September 2002. Current site is formed by reconstructed object of substation and new building of depository which was open in July 2005. Those two objects are connected by the connecting neck. Despite the overall reconstruction this site has retained its original industrial style. In this complex we can find also two independent book institutions, Library of St. James and Library Mitrovského. The building is used by public as well as professional restorers. There are restorers’ workshops, research room, and lecture room for 25 persons, photo studio and of course offices for employees and secretariat of the director.

Original use – basic description

Original use Power engineering- former substation for transforming electric current from Oslavany power station.
Area 0,65 ha
Type of site Industrial site

Current state – basic description

Current use Archives of the City of Brno
% of built-up area not available
State of Environment No environmental burden
New use from 2002
Total costs 2,08 mill Euro
Owner of site City if Brno

Contact to stakeholders

Owner of site

City of Brno

Telephone: +420 542 173 590

Local public administration

Bc. Roman Onderka, MBA– Mayor of the City of Brno, President of the executive board

Telephone: +420 542 172 201
Investors participating at redevelopment

PSJ Brno s.r.o.

Telephone: 543 217 837

Fax: 543 217 839

Reconstruction was fully financed from the budget of the Statutory city of Brno and realized by PSJ Brno s.r.o.
NGOs No NGOs involved

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