Work Package 7: Web platform, outreach, dissemination, and transition 

WP7 will develop an end-user oriented web based internet information platform and specific training opportunities and events.

The usage and implementation of environmental technologies for brownfield regeneration so far can be summarised as “good results, helpful tools but bad PR and integration of both social/cultural and technical aspects”. Indeed, on the EU level help-webpages do exist, but they do not function the way they should (if they are updated at all).

In general, this type of information is very difficult to access for regional/local actors from a technical point of view alone. Timbre thus will provide an unique information centre for brownfield development strategies including the description and a range of novel technologies on offer (plant based site investigation, phytoremediation technology soil washing technology) and tools (expert system, socio-economic framework, prioritisation tool, cost estimation tool for deconstruction and re-use of contaminated materials) developed in the timbre project.

In order to ensure a targeted dissemination of the timbre outcomes, end-user specific training courses will be provided accompanied by appropriate publication formats that fulfil the requirements and demands of brownfield site owners, developers, regulators and other stakeholders involved in regeneration projects.

Contact: Stephan Bartke stephan.bartke@ufz.de