CABERNET 2014: 4th International Conference on Managing Urban Land

CABERNET, Greenland, HOMBRE and TIMBRE project logos - Orgnaisers of the CABERNET 2014 conference

The TIMBRE project will contribute to the joint conference

CABERNET 2014: Tailored & Sustainable Redevelopment towards Zero Brownfields

4th International Conference on Urban Land Management

Held in Association with the Final Conferences of the EU FP7 Projects “HOMBRE” and “Greenland”

and in conjunction with special sessions of the projects and "GLOCOM" and "TIMBRE"

Key topics:

  • Integrated urban land management and European funding programmes
  • Innovative technologies and management tools for land redevelopment
  • Economic, social and environmental instruments for sustainable land use management
  • Land demand for renewable energy production on brownfields
  • European and national policies and regulation
  • Best practice case studies
  • Communication, training, education and professionalism
  • Sustainable land use and grand challenges

to be held on 14-16th October 2014 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

More information on the event and on the call for papers will follow in autumn 2013.

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