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AquaConSoil Barcelona 2013 - 12th International UFZ-Deltares Conference on Groundwater-Soil-Systems and Water Resource Management in Barcelona, Spain

AquaConSoil 2013

Timbre partners contributed to the recent AquaConSoil 2013 conference, which took place in Barcelona in Spain. The event welcomed more than 700 international participants. Next to participating in the conference exhibition, Timbre partners presented research results and their stakeholder involvement in several sessions:

TIMBRE-HOMBRE Special Session Sustainable Brownfield Regeneration – synergies with the land cycle

The FP7 projects HOMBRE and TIMBRE organised a Special Session entitled: Sustainable Brownfield Regeneration – synergies with the land cycle.

tl_files/timbre/Intern/4 Work Packages/WP7/Events 2013/AquaConSoil 2013/Pictures/20130417_AquaConSoil_SpS_10.jpgThis session started with a short introduction presentation on the concept of circular land management and the positions of the projects HOMBRE & TIMBRE related to this concept. - Today most perceive Brownfields as a legacy. Each Brownfield has, however, its own potential for delivering useful combinations of services (synergies) and hence new opportunities. Different European initiatives have the ambition to facilitate efficient and sustainable use of the Brownfield resource to contribute to a paradigm shift to ‘Zero Brownfields’ where Brownfields become areas of opportunity that deliver services for society, instead of derelict areas that are considered useless. In this session, a discussion was held about the demands of stakeholders and regulators, and the planning instruments and decision support tools needed to realise Brownfield regeneration.

tl_files/timbre/Intern/4 Work Packages/WP7/Events 2013/AquaConSoil 2013/Pictures/20130417_AquaConSoil_SpS_14.jpg

A discussion on "Policy needs” and “Local stakeholder needs” to implement new ways for Brownfield regeneration support by new technologies/tools was initiated by statements of the Secretary of the Common Forum, Dominique Darmendrail, focussing on the policy framework and by Filip Alexandrescu from TIMBRE's WP2 on the local stakeholder arenas. The presentations and discussion with the audience highlighted that the strong involvement in a wide range of directives (at least 15 relevant) has to be considered and we have to comply with multi-level regulation (EU-national-regional). Needs of stakeholders as well as of regulators have to be seen in an area context. The key role of tools is decision support - helping the decision makers to feel confident and comfortable. Moreover, it is essential to again and again understand that stakeholders need communication – and they are site specific (what is called a "veto-player" at one site might actually be a main supporter in another local context!). More generally, brownfield sites need an image change within the (land use) cycle stages. We need to consider societal incentives together with “technology/economy based” incentives. Perspectives for regeneration and revitalisation need to be developed not dependent on the pre use only - but in an engaged and harmonized way, e.g. taking-up a cultural heritage. Confidence and recognition is needed for this complex process.

tl_files/timbre/Intern/4 Work Packages/WP7/Events 2013/AquaConSoil 2013/Pictures/20130417_AquaConSoil_SpS_07.JPGIn a second part of the Session, the focus shifted to the potential role of Decision Support Systems (DSS). As short overview on state of the art support approaches of integrated assessment, planning, visualisation and communication support tools, Linda Maring introduced the HOMBRE Brownfield Navigator and Michael Finkel the TIMBRE Planning & Assessment Tool. The following discussion on the characteristics of tools required in brownfield regeneration did show that visualised processing of information is increasingly understood as an important means of enhancing stakeholder communication as well as interdisciplinary exchange between experts. However, the complexity of tools and their target audience remain a challenge: Tools for multiple recipients or one tool that can address multiple levels of stakeholders? Well, definitely there is seen a need to allow interaction – in all communication ways. Yet, bringing tools to the stakeholders is a challenge. Notwithstanding, there is another crucial challenge that is to keep the tools updated (e.g. cost data). The role of tools is to support, is to facilitate communication. They are to reduce the complexity of holistic and interated discussion making by helping to (I) realise opportunities on brownfields and (II) find new opportunities.

You can download the presentations and summary discussion notes of the Special Session here.


Oral and Poster presentations of TIMBRE partners

Timbre partners contributed in several Thematic Sessions to the AquaConSoil event. Amongst others the following contributions were made:

  • Krupanek, J.; Kalisz, M.; Michaliszyn, B.; Gorgoń, J.; Stalder, M.; Martac, E.; Rein, A.; Finkel, M. & S. Schaedler (2013): Tailored And Integrated Approach To Management Of Degraded Megasites – Former Military Air Base Example, AquaConSoil 2013 Proceedings, 16-19 April 2013, Barcelona (Spain). --> Download
  • Martac, E.; Rein, A.; Algreen, M.; Trapp, S.; Stalder, M.; Krupanek, J. & M. Kalisz (2013): Iterative Site Model Improvement based on Adaptive Integrated Characterisation Strategies and Technologies as Prerequisite for a Successful Design of Site Remediation and Redevelopment. Poster at  AquaConSoil 2013, 16-19 April 2013, Barcelona (Spain). --> Download Abstract
  • Morio, M.; Schädler, S. & M. Finkel: Applying stakeholder-based spatially explicit multi-criteria optimization for creation of sustainable and cost-beneficial brownfield re-use visions (Oral presentation) --> Download
  • Rizzo, E.; Pizzol L., Giubilato E., Critto A., Marcomini A. (2013):  Timbre Expert System for choosing sustainable solutions of risk based approaches and technologies for brownfield rehabilitationAquaConSoil 2013 Proceedings, 16-19 April 2013, Barcelona (Spain). --> Download
  • Schädler, S.; Finkel, F. & M. Morio: Decision support for the integrated planning and assessment of sustainable brownfields redevelopment alternatives (Poster) --> Download

AquaConSoil 2013 - Background

AquaConSoil Barcelona 2013 - 12th International UFZ-Deltares Conference on Groundwater-Soil-Systems and Water Resource Management in Barcelona, Spain

AQUACONSOIL 2013 THEMESAquaConSoil Barcelona 2013 logo

A. Using functions of soil-water systems

  • Soil, sediment and groundwater as resource of valuable materials (and waste cycles)
  • Urban (ground)water management
  • Thermal energy in soil-water systems
  • Role of soil-water systems in climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Eco-engineering

B. Soil and water resources management in water scarcity regions

  • Assessment of quantity, quality and vulnerability
  • Solutions for salinization of soil-water systems

C. Assessment and monitoring

  • Fate, transport and risks
  • Developments in site investigation and monitoring
  • Effects of climate change and/or groundwater management
  • Ecosystem services assessment and monitoring

D. Remediation technologies for soil, groundwater and sediment

  • Technologies for (in situ) remediation and management of soil contamination
  • Costs and management
  • Sustainable remediation / Environmental footprint
  • Sector specific cases of remediation and soil contamination management

E. Concepts and policies

  • Soil-water systems policy and regulation
  • Regional management of soil-water systems
  • Sustainable use of the subsurface
  • Resource efficiency

Further information

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