Potsdam Krampnitz

Location of timbre test case Postsdam Krampnitz, Germany
Location of timbre test case Postsdam Krampnitz, Germany

This field site is located approximately 10 km north of Potsdam, Germany, near the village of Krampnitz, between the Krampnitz lake in the southeast and the Fahrlaender lake in the southwest. Currently, there is no usage on the site. Krampnitz is a former military site. The site with an area of approximately 113 ha (280 acres) was used by German and Soviet armed forces until 1945 and 1991, respectively.

The operation of gas stations and a dry cleaning facility has led to vast contamination dominated by chlorinated solvents such as trichloroethylene (TCE) and tetrachloroethylene (PCE), which affect an aquifer with a thickness of ~ 5m. The depth of the water table is ~ 2m to ~ 6m below ground surface. The site is aimed at being re-used for commercial and residential purpose. However, groundwater pollution (mainly at northern and western areas) hampers the site re-use. Moreover, adjacent wetlands are impacted by the groundwater plume. The spatial extent of the site does not allow cost intensive conventional remediation. Contaminated groundwater flows from the site towards two lakes, nature reserves, local recreation areas and other potential receptors. The surrounding areas contain businesses, agricultural as well as residential areas.

The site contains both listed historical buildings and economically worthless buildings constructed after 1945. Since 1992, the site has been investigated several times by various groups of consultants and researchers.