State Germany
Regional (NUTS III) hierarchical level Free State of Thuringia
District level (LAU1) Kreis Schmalkalden-Meiningen
Municipality (LAU2) City of Zella-Mehlis
Connection to traffic network Freeway A 71 (3 km), Highway B 62 (0 km), Airport Erfurt ca. 70 km

Main factors of successful redevelopment process

  • General localization - located in city Zella-Mehlis
  • Transport links – proximity to Freeway A 71 (3 km) and Highway B 62 (0 km)

Brief description of site and current use

Original use of the site: Production of typewriting / booking machines until 1992 the site comprehended a petrol station, a barrel storage area, a hardening shop, a grindery, an electronic transformer pit, an electroplating shop and a bonding place. During the years 2004 and 2005 removing of buildings (foundations were not removed).

As a result of mishandlings the property was polluted. Therefore the removal of the buildings included the decontamination of contaminated parts, like the atrium, the transformer pit and the oil-cellar. Pollutions consisted of hydrocarbons, lightly volatile halogenated hydrocarbons (LHKW), cyanide and heavy metals.  As a result of intensive research a part of the estate was designated for the excavation of petroleum - derived hydrocarbon contaminated soil. The decontamination of soil followed in 2009/2010 (excavation of 10.370 t contaminated soil). The excavated soil got replaced by clean compacted soil.

The majority of area (10782 m²) is sold to one of Germany's largest tire retailer and fitter to build a garage for car maintenance including storage for tires (passenger cars and trucks). The investment volume amounts up to 1.200.000 €. Due to an official adjustment and parallel to the investment the groundwater will be monitored for 2 years.

Original use – basic description

Original use Factory for electronic equipment
Area 11.818 m²
Type of site Industrial site

Current state – basic description

Current use Commercial
% of built-up area 30%
State of Environment Inner area
New use from 2011
Total costs 685.000 € for decontamination; demolishing
Owner of site GESA Gesellschaft zur Entwicklung und Sanierung von Altstandorten; Reifen Müller KG

Contact to stakeholders

Owner of site

GESA Gesellschaft zur Entwicklung und Sanierung von Altstandorten mbH, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 33, 10178 Berlin Germany

one of Germany's largest tire retailer and fitter
Local public administration Stadtverwaltung Zella-Mehlis
Rathausstraße 4
98544 Zella-Mehlis
Investors participating at redevelopment None
NGOs No NGOs involved

Source of information


GESA internal register of regenerated brownfields