State Denmark
Regional (NUTS III) hierarchical level Region Hovestaden
District level (LAU1) Copenhagen City
Municipality (LAU2) Copenhagen
Connection to traffic network The market is situated close to Nørreport Station in the city center

Main factors of successful redevelopment process

  • general localization (capital of Denmark)
  • specific localization (city center)
  • the size of the brownfield area (one of the biggest market in Copenhagen)
  • attractiveness of the site and objects (historical, image of a site)
  • social status of the locality (historical tradition of a market)
  • attractive environment for leisure (there are several parks and the river)
  • transport links (excellent connection with the other parts of the city, subway station)

Brief description of site and current use

The market used to serve as a place where people came to sell their goods. Usually it was vegetable, fruit and flowers. This place worked since 2. half of 20. Century. In 1968 the square was renamed to the Israel Square to mark the 25-year chase Jew in Denmark. In 1980 there was a first attempt to change the place into the new market, but the project was not realised. In 1997 architect Hans Peter Hagen presented his dream of market halls of Israel Square. He was working on the project and trying to manage investors to this project.  His effort was to find some private financing, but it failed and the proposal was send to the local plan. In 2006 the project of architect Hans Peter Hagen was send to European Union tender. One year later the Central Plan was included as a investor and operator of the coming market halls and opening was scheduled for May 2008. Finally in 2009 Jeudan signed the agreement with the City of Copenhagen on the takeover of the concession. The project costed about 30 millions of eur and was built on 6600 m² area.

Original use – basic description

Original use Business (vegetable market place)
Area 0,66 ha
Type of site Business site

Current state – basic description

Current use Business (market place)
% of built-up area 60%
State of Environment clear
New use from 2011
Total costs 120 million DKK
Owner of site Municipality of Copenhagen

Contact to stakeholders

Owner of site Copenhagen Municipality
Local public administration Mayor of Copenhagen Municipality
Frank Jensen(Lord Mayor)
Investors participating at redevelopment

Jeudan A / S

John Rohde (Chief Executive Officer )
NGOs No data