Průmyslový areál Slavičín


State Czech Republic
Regional (NUTS III) hierarchical level Zlín region
District level (LAU1) Zlín district
Municipality (LAU2) Slavičín
Connection to traffic network Directly connected to local road Slavičín- Vlachovice, which is connected to road II/49, II/495 and then connected to main road I/57. At the entrance to the grounds is train station Divnice, route 341 which is connected to II. transit corridor n.330 (Břeclav-Přerov-Bohumín).The closest civil airport is in town Kunovice, 43 km from grounds of Slavičín. The closest international airport is 86 km from Slavičín, in Piešťany.

Main factors of successful redevelopment process

  • General localization -35 km from City Zlín, 20 km from state border with Slovakia (lucrative, within distance from big cities), Area is located near state border with Slovakia, and near highway which is connecting Žilina with Bratislava. Railway station is located at the area of this brownfield, and route from Slavičín is connected to II. Transit corridor n.330.
  •  Specific localization – located very close to city Slavičín (availability for employees, good for interests of city)

Brief description of site and current use

The history of the industrial area in Slavičín started in 1938, with production of artillery and ammunition. Though out the years, Vlárské strojírny became one the most important Czechoslovak manufacturing companies in field of textile industry, hydraulic hoses and special technique. Besides textile industry, company also produced tractors to vineyards, which has been exported to America and western Europe. In 1989, Vlárské strojírny became a part of Závody všeobecného stojírenství Brno. The production continued, and there has been developed new loom, which was highly successful on exhibitions. Sadly, in 1990 appeared serious economic problems of many companies, which led to reduction of production. From this year, Vlárské strojírny became state enterprise, and they produced only hydraulic hoses. In 1993 was the company privatized by Ing. Ivo Exel. This attempt was unsuccessful, and the company was sold to company INTEC, s.r.o. The current owner realizes management activity by renting and selling industrial objects. There has been an agreement between INTEC, s.r.o and City Slavičín, which led into foundation of company RCKAS, which is administrator of this area. Nowadays is property and land sold to individual owners, and free land is revitalized and preparing for new investors. Most of objects are intended to industrial use, but the most of used objects are utilized for business purposes of companies, and in the area some companies have branch offices for industrial production. In the area are located seats of approximately 30 companies, and 2 of them are foreign companies. Another aims of revitalization are to build facilities for citizens of Slavičín, such as supermarket, restaurant, but also accommodation for employees of companies. The initials of revitalization were financed by loan from City Slavičín, lately the revitalization was financed by income from use of infrastructure, but nowadays is company seeking for financial help from state budget or funds. The positive impact of revitalization is that the area is providing jobs for local citizens, and the area is used not only for intentions of entrepreneurs, but also for intentions of City Slavičín.

Original use – basic description

Original use Vlárské strojírny (“Zbrojovka”) -military equipment, ammo, textile industry, hydraulic hoses, tractors- till 1989. After, there has been manufacture of textile machinery, components to chainsaws and engine cylinders.
Area 340 ha (110 ha area of Vlárské stojírny)
Type of site industrial

Current state – basic description

Current use Business purposes of  companies
% of built-up area about 80 % of production area
State of Environment no contamination
New use from 2003
Total costs 6 100 000 CZK
Owner of site INTEC, s.r.o.

Contact to stakeholders

Owner of site

INTEC, s.r.o.

Jaroslav Pečeňa

Telephone: +420 603 512 535

Fax:  +420 577 341 944

Local public administration

Regionální centrum kooperace, a.s

Ing. Zdeněk Šiška

Telephone: +420 577 440 601

Fax: + 420 577 440 615

Investors participating at redevelopment

REMERX s.r.o.


MEDIA MIX, s.r.o.

AGA- speciální technická pryž, s.r.o.



NGOs not participating