Site Assessment and Re-use Planning Tool (SAT)

The TIMBRE web based site assessment and re-use planning tool (SAT) is intended to serve the purpose of initiating  and fostering communication among stakeholders with respect to (i) the joint design of brownfield reuse options,  and (ii) the evaluation of the consequences of these options with respect to criteria such as remediation costs,  sustainability, market values, etc.
The tool is specifically designed for use by interested stakeholders including non-experts, i.e. laypeople. By  providing “light” versions of diverse existing expert desktop software programs for planning and assessment, the tool  offers a wider group of users the utilization of these software programs via the internet. The capabilities of the web based “light” versions are limited as compared to the desktop versions in the sense that only a subset of input  parameters is changeable by the user, i.e. those kinds of parameters that can reasonably be specified by  non-experts. The web based version, therefore, has limited capabilities in terms of interactive data handling by end  users, but has full assessment and modelling features and works on the full data set used by the expert version. The structure of the web tool and implemented modules is illustrated in Figure 1. It is distinguished between

  • site-specific assessment modules that evaluate the situation/conditions at a site with respect to a particular aspect (e.g. bioenergy potential) in general (for the site but not specific to a certain re-use option), and
  • option-specific assessment modules that evaluate the situation/conditions at a site with respect to a particular aspect and a particular re-use option (e.g. estimation of costs for remediation required to implement the re-use option)

Additions to the tool can be made with respect to both types of assessment modules.

The Tool was tested at a workshop in Zielona Góra in 2013 and presented at the AquaConSoil Conference in 2013 in Barcelona and on the EUROSOIL Conference in 2012.

To download the presentation on "Holistic Integrated Decision Support System for Brownfield Revitalization" held on the EUROSOIL conference click here.


--> Follow this link to the SITE ASSESSMENT TOOL.


Marketvalue of the Krampnitz Site, Potsdam, Germany
Screenshot of Site Assessment Tool


D6.1: Development of a customisable open-source PDF Download web based tool for the integrated evaluation of brownfield redevelopment options

D6.2: Guideline and example for add-ons to the web-based toolPDF Download

D6.3: Report of demonstration case studiesPDF Download