Masná-Křenová in Brno


State Czech Republic
Regional (NUTS III) hierarchical level South Moravian Region
District level (LAU1) Brno – city district
Municipality (LAU2) Brno – city district
Connection to traffic network Very near to the city centre, trolleybus and tram station near Křenová-Masná intersection, 8-10 minutes to the city centre

Main factors of successful redevelopment process

  • General localization – located in Brno
  • Specific localization – in proximity of the city centre (8 minutes)
  • Transport links – in proximity to the airport (10 km), in proximity to the main train station (2, 4 km), in proximity to the D1 highway (8, 6 km)

Brief description of site and current use

The regeneration of the former slaughterhouse on Masná street began in 1998 with great support of the new owner Brněnské komunikace, a. s. (Joint Stock Company). The majority of previous structures were demolished and replaced by new buildings used for housing, services and shops.

Original use – basic description

Original use Industrial production, former slaughterhouse
Area 2, 75 ha
Type of site Industrial site

Current state – basic description

Current use Housing, commerce
% of built-up area Completely decontaminated
State of Environment complete decontamination
New use from 2008
Total costs 20.8 million EURO
Owner of site
KORED s.r.o.
Brněnské komunikace, a. s.erg

Contact to stakeholders

Owner of site
KORED, s.r.o. :

Nové sady 946/30, 60200 Brno

Brněnské komunikace, a. s.:

Telephone: 543 210 119-27
Local public administration
Telephone: 542 171 111
Investors participating at redevelopment
KORED, s.r.o.

Nové sady 946/30, 60200 Brno

Brněnské komunikace, a. s.

Telephone: 543 210 119-27
NGOs PROMA GmbH, Erfurt