Kukla Complex


State The Czech Republic
Regional (NUTS III) hierarchical level South Moravia
District level (LAU1) Brno- countryside
Municipality (LAU2) Oslavany
Connection to traffic network

By car: turning off the road Padochov-Oslavany,

30 km from Brno, by highway D1, free parking in the complex

On foot: 2 km from main station in Oslavany

By train: From Brno direction to Znojmo

By bus: From Zvonařka bus station in Brno direction to Mohelno

Main factors of successful redevelopment process

  • Transport links – close to highway D1, close to Brno, free parking, accessible by public transport from Brno
  • The size/extent of the brownfield area – large post-industrial area after mining activity
  • Availability of financial incentives (grants, subsidies, funds) – financed by Oslavany Engeneering a.s. and by Operational programme for enterprises and innovation
  • Innovations and new developments – the multifunctional centre, the technical equipment, the renting of place, the amusement park

Brief description of site and current use

The mine Kukla was excavated in 1865 to draining Františka mine in Padochov and the mine started to supply the local power station by coal from 1913. In the year 1921 there dead 26 miners due to explosion. The mining was stopped in the 1973. The mine was covered and it was flooded. The reconstruction of this premise started in 2009. The main goal was to build the educational centre with the technical equipment for their own company and for other companies in microregion Ivančice. The next goal was to make the distinctive place in Oslavany. The project was financed by Oslavany Engeneering a.s. and by the European Union; the reconstruction was divided into 4 phases and ended in 2012. They preserved historical attributes as they could. The complex consist parts: educational entrepreneurial and technical centre, Reconstruction of the manufacturing facility Strojírny  Oslavany, the amusement park with labyrinth and the mining tower with the coffee house. The Kukla Complex happened attractive place for tourists with children and for the local companies.

Original use – basic description

Original use Coal mining area
Area 5,4 ha
Type of site mining

Current state – basic description

Current use Educational entrepreneurial and technical centre
% of built-up area Not available
State of Environment After decontamination
New use from 2010- 2012
Total costs 3,7 million EURO
Owner of site Oslavany Engineering a.s.

Contact to stakeholders

Owner of site

Oslavany Engineering a.s.

Tel.: +420 546 492 295

e-mail: vanecekz@st-os.cz

Local public administration

Vít Aldorf 


tel.: +420 546 418 412

e-mail: vit.aldorf@post.cz
Investors participating at redevelopment
  1. Operational programme of enterprise and innovation
  2. Oslavany Engineering a.s.

Tel.: +420 546 492 295

e-mail: vanecekz@st-os.cz
NGOs No NGOs involved