Hotel Galant Mikulov


State Czech
Regional (NUTS III) hierarchical level South Moravian Region
District level (LAU1) Břeclav
Municipality (LAU2) City of Mikulov
Connection to traffic network close the highway D2, railway line Brno- Rajhrad- Mikulov, Tišnov, airport Brno, Wien

Main factors of successful redevelopment process

  • General localization (location within a country – belonging to a region) - location in the Mikulov  (southern Moravia)
  • Transport links (proximity to highway, first class road, railway station) - close the highway D2, railway line Brno- Rajhrad - Mikulov – Tišnov, airport Brno, Wien
  • The size/extent of the brownfield area – quite large factory on textile industry
  • Availability of financial incentives (grants, subsidies, funds) - co-financed from Mikulov city funds, and Government budget

Brief description of site and current use

Hotel is a huge complex in city centre of Mikulov. Before redevelopment It was Gala textile industry, which produce textile to the Czech republic until Velvet revolution. After Velvet revolution Gala textile industry was sold to family, which had experiences with gastronomy and hotel industry. Building was so devastated that the redevelopment had to be divided in 5 stages.

First stage was just about plans how to build the hotel with wine cellar and around 300 rooms and big congress hall. In second stage they get money from Mikulov city fund and government budget, so they could start.

In third stage they finally finish the hotel with 330 rooms and big congress hall. Fourth stage was about constructing the wine cellar under the hotel. Fifth stage is still not completed because owner would like to build spa inside the hotel. Building is completely redesigned and rebuilt.

Hotel has got several energy measures, which help him be more “green”. Recycling of “waste” energy is very good solution because “waste” energy could be use for another time.

Original use – basic description

Original use Textile industry
Area 10 000 m²
Type of site industrial site

Current state – basic description

Current use Hotel
% of built-up area 75%
State of Environment fine
New use from 2009
Total costs 1 299 000 EURO
Owner of site Ing. Jiří Marian

Contact to stakeholders

Owner of site

Mlýnska6, 692 01 Mikulov

tel.: +420 519 323 353

fax: +420 519 323 353


Local public administration none
Investors participating at redevelopment the city Mikulov
Ing. Jiří MariánGovernment – government budget of Czech republicPrague company - GPS
NGOs None