Federal environmental Agency


State Federal Republic of Germany
Regional (NUTS III) hierarchical level Land Sachsen-Anhalt
District level (LAU1) Dessau-Roßlau
Municipality (LAU2) Dessau -Roßlau municipality
Connection to traffic network The center of the town

Main factors of successful redevelopment process

  • General localization - located in Dessau-Roßlau
  • Specific localization – located in centre of settlement,
  • Transport links – proximity to E51 highway
  • Public attitudes, adoption of innovations and new developments - built on conception: “City in the landscape” equals “Landscape in the city”
  • Availability of financial incentives - Built for using as Headquarter for Ministry for Urban Development and the Environment (Umweltbundesamt – UBA)
  • Other factors - project for demonstration of ecological thinking - ambitious in terms of energy efficiency and ecological aspects

Brief description of site and current use

Intensive industrial activities were the main reason why the site and its surrounding was since 1840 the most polluted industrial area. Old “Gasviertel” industrial area – ground floor was strongly contaminated, and most of the ground soil thus had to be decontaminated or replaced. In 1996 the abandoned building was chosen for Ministry for Urban Development and the Environment as the exhibition of ecological and environmental friendly buildings. After 8 years of regeneration process, in 2005, the project was successfully finished.

The selected traces of the industrial past still remain: A former factory building and the mansard-roofed old Wörlitzer Bahnhof, once a station for a rail line, as well as unused tracks along the west.

Original use – basic description

Original use Industrial building
Area 7 ha
Type of site Industrial site

Current state – basic description

Current use Public administration - Headquarter of Federal Environmental Agency
% of built-up area 75 %
State of Environment After decontamination
New use from 2005
Total costs 68 million EUR
Owner of site State

Contact to stakeholders

Owner of site The Federal Republic of Germany
Represented by: The Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing
Represented by: LBB Saxony-Anhalt head office, Magdeburg
Represented by: Landesbetrieb Bau Niederlassung Ost, Dessau
Local public administration Dessau Council, Frau Jahn
tel: 03 40 / 2 04 – 20 61, email: stadtplanung@dessau.de
Investors participating at redevelopment None
NGOs No NGOs involved