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Logo of Brandenburgische Boden Gesellschaft (BBG)

The government of the German state of Brandenburg took over 100,000 hectares of former Soviet army real estate from the federal government free of charge but with all encumbrances. For successful conversion of those manifold contaminated and socioeconomically important sites, a company for the disposal of the assets, the Brandenburgische Boden Gesellschaft (BBG), Zossen, Germany, was founded. After 16 years, most of the sites in urban and communal locations were sold, whereas remote sites still wait for civilian re-use in the future. Some 20,000 hectares of especially hardly marketable sites due to complex contaminations and less favourable locations remain to be regenerated.

Within timbre, the BBG register will be used in WP2 to understand the characteristics from expression of interest to final revitalisation step and in WP3 and WP5 as case study for demonstration of the prioritisation and assessment tools.

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