Timbre Application Sites and European Best Practice Cases

Timbre aimed to open the door to a new way of understanding megasite regeneration and participation as part of one toolsuite where one side cannot blossom without the other. To this end, it was crucial that the project consortium has been able to carry out case studies in different countries with different cultural, ecological, and economic conditions. With the partners at hand in all research topics and the local contacts Timbre has been contributing to improve European brownfield regeneration processes. To learn more about the Timbre sites, visit the sub section to the left or follow this link to the Timbre sites and registers.

Notwithstanding, remarkable projects have demonstrated, that brownfield regenration is a worthwile endavour. Timbre has collected Best Practice Cases from different European countries and makes them available through this platform. Select the cases on the left or follow the links below to your country of interest.

Best Practice Cases of Brownfield Regeneration in Europe:

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